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Are you an employee?

Time is money. 

Save both.

Use Perq.

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Are you an employee?

Time is money. 

Save both.

Use Perq.

When you live in Greater Boston, getting to work can be a challenge. The MBTA makes things a little easier with Perq, the monthly pass program that lets you get your pass directly through your employer, at tax-advantaged rates.

Here’s how Perq works:

Step 1
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Find out if your employer offers Perq—and if not, send them here to sign up.

Step 2
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Let your employer know that you’d like to participate. They’ll need to know what kind of pass you need, based on whether you commute by bus, subway, train, or ferry.

Step 3
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Pay what you’d ordinarily pay for a monthly pass, only using pre-tax dollars for a net savings. (And some employers even subsidize the cost of the cards, so you should ask yours.) 

Step 4
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Use your Perq card just as you would on your normal daily commute—and during your off hours too. Enjoy knowing that you just added value to your commute without changing your route or your schedule.

Want us to contact your employer about Perq? Drop us a note!

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How much does your travel cost?

Use our handy tool to estimate the cost savings you could realize by participating in Perq.

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Your estimated commute cost:

Your estimated monthly commute cost:

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Your estimated yearly commute cost:

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Pounds of CO2 produced per trip:

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*Calculations factor in the average cost for maintenance and tires ($0.0603/mile) and average cost for insurance and financing ($16.50/day).

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There's a better way!

See for yourself. Use the Perq comparison tool to see how you can save money on transit expenses.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

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Program Overview

Learn the ins-and-outs of the MBTA’s transit benefit program.

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Learn About Cost Savings

Enrolling in the Perq program can save money for you and your company.

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Perq FAQs

See how easy it is to use and join the Perq program.

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Want us to contact your employer about Perq? 

Drop us a note!

Does your company offer Perq?

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  • What is Perq?

    Perq is the MBTA’s tax-advantaged monthly pass program for employees that rely on bus, subway, commuter rail, and ferry service for their daily commute. The program lets companies subsidize the cost of monthly passes easily and provides a pre-tax benefit to both companies and employees.

  • I currently or used to get a pass every month from my employer. How is this different?

    Perq is the new Corporate Pass Program. As an MBTA rider, you don’t have to change anything—if you’re getting a pass through your employer, you just use it as you would on the bus, subway, train, or ferry.

    What you will notice, though, is a new brand and design on the card, and on our website. We’ve modernized the look and feel of Perq for all employees at every participating organization, from restaurants with hourly shift workers to corporations with 9-to-5ers. We’ve also provided an updated online experience for the program administrators—like your office admin support staff or your company’s HR representative.

  • How much does the new program cost? Will I pay more for my card every month?

    The cost of a Perq card is the same as any monthly MBTA pass. But by using Perq, both you and your employer can benefit from tax savings by paying for Perq through this program. In addition, some employers choose to subsidize the cost of the cards for their employees.

  • Why should I sign up?

    Perq makes it easier to get to and from work by letting you purchase a pass with pre-tax dollars, saving you money. It’s convenient to get a pass automatically from your employer each month, and some employers even subsidize the passes.

  • I don’t think my company participates in this program. How do I get it signed up?

    Talk to your HR representative, manager, or office administrative staff to find out whether they’ve considered Perq—and if they need more information, send them to to get details on how to sign up.

  • Who is eligible for the card? Can part-time employees or shift workers use Perq cards, or is this only for salaried FTEs?

    All employees are eligible for Perq. Any employer with a Federal Tax ID number can offer Perq to any employee.

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